Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Essential Condiments for Low Carb Eating

most people think they can not enjoy their food if eating low carb. or they have to give up alot. not so, the only think your are giving up is the food that makes you a disgusting fat body. The only thing you need to look for in the "fat" section of the nutrition label is transfat..avoid those.. all other fat is ok..you get that part.. ALL OTHER FAT IS OK

1. Dressing - buy the "regular" dressing, not the lowfat / no-fat-- lowfat means high carb.. this regular dressing has only 2 carbs per tablespoon.
2. Mayo - this "lite" mayo has only 2 carbs per tablespoon
3. regular ketchup is just tomato flavored high fructose corn syrup, ie high carb.. this reduced sugar type has 1 carb per tablespoon.. im not a ketchup user but wife cant taste difference.
4. Mustard - regular / spicey brown -- no carbs
5. Lite mayo packets - good for box lunches.. 1 carb per packet.. i snag these at Chick-Fil-A.. i get small order of nuggets and then fill up the to go bag with the mayo packets
6. Taco Bell Hot Sauce packets -- yeah, you know where.. i get some 99cent soft shell taco to go, grab 6-7 fistfulls of hot sauce packets..lasts me 2 months.. oh.. and when i get home i eat the inside of the taco and throw the high carb tortilla into back yard for the birds.

Its too easy. Dont be a slave anymore. Read the labels.