Saturday, March 31, 2012

Budget Shopping for Low Carb 3/31/2012

dont tell me you cant save money buying decent food, here is what we got today at walmart:

- one family size pack chicken breasts, regular price 1.97 a pound for $8.65.. price matched to $1.07lb for $4.70 for whole pack).. almost 50% savings
- 4 dozen eggs, regular $1.66, price matched to .88 each
- pack Johnsonville sausage, marked down to $3.00, then $1.00 coupon.. $2.00 total cost
- 2 bottles diet sunkist for regular $1.00 each..price matched down to .77 each.
- bag tomatoes.. regular price .97 per pound, price matched to .48 per pound
- bag apples .. regular $1.27 a pound, price matched down to .45 lb
- bottle low card ketchup $2.48
- box of no carb powdered lemonade packets $1.76
- 2 cans mushroom .68 each
- jar relish $2.12
total for this week: $21 .. about 30% savings just for taking 10minutes to organize my shopping list.

even if you can afford to just pay whatever.. why not do the price matching and save some money... put that $10 you saved into piggy bank for junior, his college fund , charity, add it to your car payment.. anything.. why just give it to some corporation. Too much work for you.. well keep paying full price then slave.. thats what the suits want you to do.

notice what we didnt buy.. anything processed.. anything in a box.. no chips / candy / pasta / bread / TV dinners / high fructose soda