Thursday, March 29, 2012

Tuna Salad in a Bowl - Low Carb

Lunch today was Tuna Salad in a Bowl. Pretty simple and cheap:

- 1 can Tuna in water, drained (.48cents walmart price match)
- 2 hard boiled eggs, use egg slicer to chop into pieces (.09 cents each egg)
- 2 or 3 spoonfulls of the Pico de Gallo i made previously Pico Recipe
- one slice cheese (this pack of 16slices cost $1.50 with price match and coupon)
- 2 tablespoons of lite mayo
- one serving spicy flavored pork rinds (bag $1.50 at kroger)

optional ingredients: mustard, spicy mustard, hot sauce, salt/pepper

1. combine tuna, eggs, pico, mayo in bowl.. tear up cheese into small pieces and add to bowl and mix.
2. i crush the pork rinds and stir it in to give it some crunch. could eat on the side as well
3. why use sliced cheese vs shredded. a slice limits me to an exact amount, with shredded cheese im tempted to pour too much, not measure or grab a fistfull and jamb it into my mouth.

Entire meal:

Protein-  46grams
Fat      -  27grams
Carb   -  6 (2 from the cheese, 4 from the mayo)

when buying cheese, read the label.. should be no TransFats, no Partially Hydrogenated anything..thats the bad stuff

side note: if you are one of those people that has a problem with tuna because some dolphins get killed.. why do you not have a problem with the billions of TUNA that get killed.