Sunday, June 17, 2012

My Low Carb Red Robbin Meal

today made a trip to the local Red Robin hamburger joint, Mrs.Lexus and I received two coupons for a free burger from a local blood drive. each got a Bacon Cheeseburger to go.. first off, without those coupons this meal would have been $19.58... $20 bucks.. are your F'ing nuts.. $20 bucks for 2burgers and fries.. you know how much meat i could buy for 20bucks.. crazy. Whats common for newbies that try to eat low carb is what to do when they eat out.. do this simple thing..dont eat the bun and the fries. Lets see what we have in this to-go box.. a bacon cheeseburger, a little light on the burger,very light on the bacon, heavy on the bun(all carbs), fries (all carb), and a container of tomato flavored high fructose corn syrup (all carbs)..

Take off all that crap that will make you fat.. specifically the bun and the fries and dont use their ketchup. Eat the burger by itself..since i took it home, added some more mayo(no carb), some mustard(no carb) and another piece of cheese(1carb)... see that plate on the right..thats a big plate of carbs.. nasty..thats why you are fat.. fat and broke you keep paying $10bucks for a burger.

Too bad too, those fries used to be a favorite of asked her if she tried one, "i just spent all that time in the gym, im not going to ruin it by eating a french fry"... truer words have not been spoken.
Also asked her how the burger was.."not as good as yours".... damn skippy.

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