Saturday, August 4, 2012

Double Bicep Burger

one of my first recipes from years ago

- 2lbs ground beef
- 2 eggs
- one onion chopped very fine
- one or two jalapenos chopped very fine
- two teaspoons minced garlic
- two tablespoons soy sauce
- two tablespoons Sherry cooking wine

1 . nothing fancy here, combine all ingredients in large bowl, form patties and george foreman grill.

2. boom bam done, better than that no taste burger you get in fast food joint.. im topping with some mayo, tacobell hot sauce and a slice of pepperjack cheese today.. salt/pepper to taste. about 1-2 carbs each patty if you add cheese. skip the bun, thats where all the carbs are. too easy

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this recipe in a google docs version for easy printing --> Double Bicep Burger