Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Walgreens extreme couponing and Chick-Fil-A

13aug - remember that extreme couponing trip i made to walgreens few day ago..spent $6.99 and got $6.99 in reward bucks back? swung by the walgreens next to the gym last night..found exactly what i was looking for.. eggs on sale for 99cents.. snagged 6 dozen and a pack of turkey bacon.. for a total bill of $7.23.. minus the $6.99 and this order was 23cents.. dont be ashamed to save money. so i essentially paid walgreens for items i would have bought anyway(the eggs) and got the free items thrown in from last week.

8aug - made a few stops on way back from the gym today. did some extreme free stuff.  first stop, Walgreens next to the gym:

- some kind of Lanacane first aid itch relief spray, on sale for $6, get a $6 register reward coupon
- lipton diet green tea (no carb of course), 99cents, get a .99 cent register reward coupon.. and note to Lipton.. make the bottle shaped so it will fit into a cup holder in the Lexus..thanks

Paid $6.99 and got $6.99 in reward coupons to be used a later date.. so free stuff.  there were a few other items i could have "bought" for free but have no need for tampoons or 3day diet booster (which sounds like it would just make you crap your guts out)... all these deals are available via following a few people on twitter that do the hard work of discovering the deals each week at places we all shop.. no need to do all the heavy lifting yourself.

Stop #2 at Chick-Fil-A
- like i posted previously, i had a coupon for a free chicken sandwich for completing an online survey. Got it to go and happened to fill the bag with a bunch of lite Mayo packets... again Free.

When i got home, removed the bun as usual and threw into the back yard for the birds to chow down on. Cut up the chicken into tiny pieces and did something never attempted in the history of man.. mixed this cut up chicken with 4 scrambled eggs and some hot sauce.. damn that was good.. likely some carbs in the breading of the chicken but free is free.

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