Friday, August 3, 2012

delayed Chick-Fil-A Appreciation Day

was with em in spirit on 1aug, but did not have time to wait for an hour to get served when i drove by on way back from gym. so made my delayed appearance to support the local store today on way back from haircut this morning.  cant say i really enjoy eating this type of food anymore since going no carb last year, but i needed to stock up on some lite mayo packets anyway since a hurricane might be entering the Gulf next week.. picked up a sausage egg and cheese biscuit. doesnt even look too tasty, used 2 forks to scrape the high carb biscuit off and ate the eggs (that were perfectly square) and the sausage...threw the biscuit in the back yard for the birds. best part was on the receipt was a section to complete a survey online and receive a code for a free chicken sandwhich.. like getting handed $2.75. will be eating that with no bun plus my own cheese, mayo, pico

had brief small talk with owner/manager while waiting. she said despite the lines wrapped around the building on the 1st, "everyone was so friendly and patient".. i find that refreshing after reading comments from the "other side" of the debate encouraging chickfilA haters to be disruptive, rude, and "bully stores". what you stick up your butt is your business. if you want to marry another man, knock yourself out.. but if you get to marry another man.. i should have the right to marry more than one woman.