Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Extreme couponing at Walgreens

thanks to the Krazycouponlady for this info again, picked up some free stuff at walgreens since its right next to the gym:

- bottle of Omega3 supplements, retail $15 (thats crazy), free with $15rebate
- bottle of Vitali-T-Aid, retail $20, free with $20 rebate..dont know what it does but its free
- Cortaid itch cream $2.99 , free with $2.99 rebate, plus $1.00 coupon so $1.00 moneymaker
- Listerine cavity rinse, $2.99 then $1.00 coupon, then $1.00 register reward, net .99cents

so with the moneymaker from cortaid, this entire purchase is free after the rebates. to get the rebates, pick up the monthly coupon booklet near the front door, info for rebates is in there, can even do it online, no having to mail in UPC codes and receipts.... i like free

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