Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Eggs and Free Soap

did some extreme couponing today, there is a walgreens in same shopping center as the gym.. this week eggs are on sale there for .99cents a dozen.. 3 bar packs of ivory soap on sale at .99cents each.. and had 2 coupons for save $1.00 each on ivory soap.. so got the soap for free.

the hardest part about extreme couponing is finding the coupons and finding the deals.. there are people on twitter and websites that do all the hard work for you.. finding the weekly deals at the local stores and matching it up with the coupons that have been in recent sunday inserts.. the key is to save those inserts, just keep them on a shelf and dive in when something you need matches up.. i follow the krazycouponlady on twitter.. lots of good info on free stuff there, here is the deal on ivory soap from her site Ivory soap deal