Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Corn skyrockets..eggs will cost more

yeah, im sure that will happen at some point. but if you keep your eyes open when you shop for groceries and dont just grab items off the shelves without looking at prices, you can really get some good deals, my weekly kroger run:

- 3 dozen large "Private selection, all natural eggs" ..the happy chicken, natural fed, high omega 3 type..usually sells for $2.99+ .. marked down to move fast at .99cents (expires on 29jun)
- 2 30pack kroger medium eggs for $1.89 each

if i have to pay full price for some reason, my cutoff is about 10cents per egg..so any sale or markdown event needs to be under that..

oh, and the Stayfree panty liners....free..on sale $1.99, coupon for $2.00.

stop being a slave and paying full price..thats what the corporate suits want you to do

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