Sunday, May 13, 2012

Low Carb SmoothieKing ?

there you are..working out like a champion, leaving the gym in search of a healthy post workout meal. you swing by the nearest SmoothieKing . i did just that today, never been in one, but received a coupon from blood drive for a free 20oz smoothie.. was really shocked when i looked over the nutritional menu in search of something low carb.. here is their nutritional menu smoothieking .. look at all those carbs..some of their drinks have over 100carbs..thats just worked you ass off in the gym and now you drink down 100+carbs and spike your insulin. had only one selection i could get from that huge menu. Look at the "Gladiator"... have 3 more coupons.

look at this shake... 101carbs, 600calories... and no wonder you are still fat after all those months spent workingout.