Sunday, May 27, 2012

Low Carb Southwest Ranch Cheeseburger Recipe

This one is definately a keeper:


- Ground Beef
- bacon (im using chicken bacon for this, all bacon tastes the same to me)
- Salsa, thick and chunky type
- Ranch dressing (the regular.. not the low fat..low fat =high carb)
- slices of pepperjack cheese
- optional.. some of my previously made Pico De Gallo

1. pretty simple.. form beef into patties and put on george foreman grill along with 2-3 strips of bacon per patty. when patties are done, put a slice of cheese on top to melt.. DO NOT CLOSE LID.. will be about 30seconds.

2. Put the patties on a plate, fold the bacon strips and put on top off the cheese.. add 1-2 tablespoons of the salsa, then about a tablespoon of the ranch dressing... Boom, Bam, Done... all too easy.

About 2 carbs or so per plate depending on what type of cheese you get.. You dont need a bun, thats where all the carbs are

this recipe in a google docs document for easy printing -->>Low Carb Southwest Ranch Cheeseburger Recipe

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