Thursday, May 10, 2012

My Low Carb WaffleHouse story

no shit there i was (all real stories start with "no shit there i was", fake stories start with "once upon a time"... few years ago when i was doing real hard core no carb (kind of like now but back then i didnt know what the heck i was doing)... Waffle House had an All-You-Can-Eat promotion going on after after a workout Mrs. lexus and I stop in to do some damage. long story short i place the following order with waitress..."6 eggs scrambled and 2 orders of bacon" .. she responds in a somewhat snooty voice that they can only serve up 3 eggs per order and one side (bacon) per order. i guess to keep people for over ordering. alright, whatever.. so do the 3eggs and bacon.

brings the order few minutes later and as is customary she asks "is there anything else i can get you?" . i reply, "yes, id like another 3 eggs and an order of bacon".. ha..thought they would get me didnt they... she takes order to fry cook, those 3eggs and bacon didnt stand a chance, dealt with them in about 2 minutes.. she comes back with 2nd order, and again, "can i get you something else"... "yes id like 3 more eggs and order of sausage"..takes order to fry cook, i slam down 2nd set of eggs.... then get this shit.. the F'ing fry cook comes out and to have a look at me..doesnt say anything, just looks into the booth we are sitting in... That F*cker came out to size me up, wondering who the hell this T-Rex was eating up all the eggs.. Told mrs. lexus.."you see that shit"... i even ordered another 3eggs and bacon after that just to get an even dozen after mr. cook disrespected me like that. so bottom line, i ate 12 eggs, 9pieces of bacon, 3 pieces of sausage in that sitting.