Saturday, May 12, 2012

Todays Grocery Run

weekly Walmart grocery run:

- can tomato paste
- container Ricotta Cheese
- Jar Ragu no sugar added - price matched down to $1.28, save .70 cents
- pack sugar free jello
- bag spinach leaves
- 32oz bag shredded cheese - price matched down to $4.99, save $4.00
- tomatoes - price matched from .94cents lb to .47cents
- onions - price matched from .84cents lb to .37cents
- bananas
- green peppers
- cauliflower
- hot sauce

about $20 bucks .. notice no processed foods (ie, nothing in a box).. no pasta, no potatoes, no regular soda, no cereal, no oatmeal, no corn, no bread, no rice, no hamburger helper, no chips, no popcorn, no sweats.. its too easy folks.. just dont buy the stuff that has high carbs, if you dont buy it, you cant snack on it during the day.. carbs from vegetables and fruits are ok. stop eating the carbs and the fat just melts away.