Saturday, May 19, 2012

This Weeks Grocery Run

lets see how we did for grocery shopping this week:

- bottle Ragu No sugar added pasta sauce, price matched down to $ the label when you are sugar and no high fructose corn syrup..perfect
- 4bottles diet sunkist for mrs. lexus, price matched down to .69 each
- tomatoes, price matched down to .50cents lb
- bananas, matched to .33 lb
- cauliflower
- cilantro
- pack no sugar jello
- fruit punch /lemonade containers
- 2packs kraft cheese slices, matched to $1.50 each
- package Provolone sliced cheese, matched to $1.77
- jar minced garlic
- bottle ranch dressing, matched to $1.29 then .50cent coupon
- 2 bags Pork skins
- jar Mayo, matched to 2.49 then .55cent coupon

total about $27.. again note what we did not buy, nothing in a box..generally if it comes in a box it is a processed food high in carbs and likely with high fructose corn syrup.. no rice, no candy, no chips, no potatoes, no corn (corn is for animals).. no bread, no cereal...just dont buy it so you dont have to tempt your willpower.. dont blame your kids for having to buy something you know is are the parent, you are supposed to be in charge. decide what your kids will eat unless you want fat kids.