Saturday, April 14, 2012

4/14/2014 Weekly Shopping Trip

lets see how we did with this weeks groceries.

- 5 diet sodas (lasts 2 weeks) (coke zero -- nectar of the gods) $1.25 each price matched to $1.00
- 1 bottle low carb ketchup $2.50 matched to $2.00
- 2 cans of sugar free drink packets $2.18 each
- 2 green peppers .68 each
- tomatoes .94 lb matched to .48 a pound
- 2 containers mayo (no carbs) $3.98 matched to $2.50 then .75cent coupon
- bananas .48 a pound

total at full price $26, paid $20 . didnt need meat or chicken since freezer is still full from previous weeks.
notice what we didnt buy thats high carb.. no candy, no chips, no crackers, no cereal, no rice, no potatoes, no corn, no regular soda, no processed food (nothing in a box).. if you dont buy it you cant snack on it. too easy.