Monday, April 16, 2012

Be Heads up and Get cheaper food

Had to pick up some eggs tonight, enough to last us to wednesday when the new weekly specials come out.. heres what i picked up.

3 dozen of the Egglands Organic eggs - $1.99 marked down then .55 coupon each
3 packs cheese - $1 each
7 packs pepperoni - .49 each

i had resigned myself to having to buy regular eggs at kroger at the full price of $1.66. Although these egglands eggs are "better", i am not paying $3.99 for a dozen "organic" eggs when i can get eggs on special routinely for .88 a dozen. thats a tradeoff i am making. i am willing to get 4 dozen regular eggs vs one dozen of organic eggs. kroger had 3 dozen of these organic eggs left on shelf, marked down, still with 8days left till "sell by" date. have had coupons in my book for months waiting for this type of markdown.. snatched them up. so got these "better" eggs for $1.44 vs the $1.66 for regular full price eggs.

the cheese was 10 for $10... see thats how they get assume it means you have to buy 10...nope..means they are $1 a piece...nice try kroger

the pepperoni (no carb) marked down as well... those will make a tastey snack... few of those...wrapped in a slice of cheese...oh man... im getting ripped up just thinking about it.

keep paying full price if you want.. you dont have to give your money away like that.. look what i didnt buy for snacks... no candy bars, no chips, no crackers, no regular soda... its just too easy.