Saturday, April 28, 2012

Did 24hour Fitness just screw you over?

no shit, there i was. walking out of my 24hour fitness, sitting on the counter was a stack of Poweraids... Free Samples, they received so many they were practically throwing them at people. so i know what youre gym wouldnt give away products that are not healthy right. lets look at the labels. this 12oz bottle of poweraide has 21carbs,20of them in high fructose corn syrup, which is almost the worst thing to put in your body, spiking your insulin and resulting in those carbs being stored as fat. compare it to another cocacola product..good ol coke classic..a 12oz can has 39 carbs..all from high fructose corn syrup..just like their product Poweraide.. why would you drink this stuff. if you are thirsty, drink water..dont fool yourself thinking you need some carbs after your workout because you dont.. drinking this poweraid has the same affect on your body as drinking coke classic. you wouldnt drink coke classic during and after your workout now would you. maybe thats why youre fat.
   ill put these in back of my pantry in case of nuclear war or tidal wave or something.

see the can of coke nutrition label here coke nutrition label