Saturday, April 21, 2012

No Carb Sloppy Joe Burger Recipe

Another crazy easy recipe

- 2pounds ground beef
- 1 packet sloppy joe mix (i know the picture shows 2)
- 1/4 cup low carb ketchup
optional: half an onion chopped
1. In large bowl combine beef, sloppy joe packet and ketchup.
2. Form patties and put on george foreman grill. Makes about 4 man-size patties.
3. When almost done i turn them over. just my style. if you are going to eat right away, you can add a slice of cheese on top and let melt. DO NOT CLOSE LID

Tupperware the remaining. I guess you can eat with a bun but thats where all the carbs are.. defeats the purpose. i eat on plate with fork and knife.. Add condiments of your choice. I added the no carb mayo and some of my pico.

Carbs are about 1carb per patty for just the meat. too easy.

This recipe in Google Docs format No carb sloppy Joe burger recipe