Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Some helpful grocery shopping tips

Some easy techniques to save some cash when grocery shopping.

1. shop where they have a competitor lowest price match. Walmart for me. with a few minutes of organization i get the lowest prices in town without driving all over.

2.  2nd choice is to shop where they offer double / triple coupons.. Kroger used to but stopped that a few months back.

3. Figure out what recipes you are going to make for the week and then make your shopping list based on that vs just wandering thru store and buying stuff you impulsively think you need.

4. All those flyers you get in mail for other grocery stores, compare their "sale prices" to your shopping list. if you dont get the flyers, go to the grocers website, they post their weekly ads there. write down the sale price to take to walmart.

5. Use coupons. Use the coupons on top of the price match. Heres an example for salad dressing.. say Wishbone dressing, see coupons out there for save $1.00 on one bottle, then local Randals supermarket has a sale with their instore coupon that brings price down to $1.19...use the other coupon gets it for 19cents, get your hands on multiple coupons to stock up

6. when you see a coupon that is good, go on ebay and buy more... yes, you can buy coupons on ebay...about 10cents on the might pay $1.50 for 20coupons to save $20.

7. Print coupons online. go to , for printable coupons.

8. Get friendly with a cashier and go to that same one the same time each week.. they will sometimes tell you about better deals that you didnt know about and give you better price.

9. Dont be afraid of the mark down section of the store.. like all that meat i got. thats what the freezer is for. When there is a crazy price..pounce on it and load up...why just buy one package of mark down meat, buy 10 and put in freezer. you find all kinds of stuff there, cans of vegetables,discontinued items,etc...can even use coupons on top of those prices.  I swing by kroger once a week just to pick over the bins.

10. Be that guy... realize that stores lower prices to lure you in there..loss leaders.. lower price of hot dogs and put the full price hot dog buns, ketchup right next to it before 4th of july type stuff.. im that guy that walks out of store just buying 150cans of tuna when its marked down to 45cents..nice try suckers. when some wize ass says "boy you sure must like tuna" i respond with "i have a pet dolphin at home"

Keep paying full price slave.. thats what they want you to do.