Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Did you get fooled by that "Protein Bar" ?

Gym had these "Protein Bars" as Free Samples (probably because no one wants to buy them).. at first glance all you fatbodies probably gobbled these down thinking they are good for you.. first off, you are thinking it has to be good for you because they are being sold at the gym..they wouldnt have products in there that are crap just to make a few bucks would they?
   second, read the labels..oh goody..18grams of Protein it says on the front..look at the back now.  Carbs..lets see...holy shit...33 carbs in just this little bar..10 of them from sugar. you think your insulin will spike after eating this?? by the way, a snickers bar has you are essentially eating a snickers bar after your workout.
   Dont be a slave, read the labels... what am i going to do with these?..put them in my pantry incase there is a hurricane or nuclear war.